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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 3 of the MTC

What a crazy week it has been! I had a blast and learned a ton! I can't believe I'm already approaching my half way mark here at the MTC. I wonder if time moves as fast out there in the real world as it does here in the MTC. This week has been a huge self reflection for myself. My attitude has changed super positively since I first got here.

So major highlight that I didn't see coming at all: Elder Richard G. Scott came for devotional!! That's two weeks in a row and I got to see Russell M Nelson just last week! He had a wonderful talk that left a lasting impact on many people here I believe.

Last night it started snowing! Everyone went super crazy and everybody was outside taking pictures and laughing and yelling. It's like the start of a two month long celebration. Unfortunately now we have to always wear suits because of the temeprature. I got some awesome pictures with a group of us all going to Argentina and we all wore our Argentine shirts that we ordered. The bookstore has the spray on stuff to make shoes water proof. That made me happy. My class (district) consists of ten people and tomorrow four of them are flying out to the Dominican Republic. We will miss them a ton. So here's the loopy part. That will just leave my companions and I with three sisters. Also I've been called as a District Leader, even thought I was already a Zone leader. Basically ontop of being in charge of 50 people I also have to facilitate my own class and prepare lessons for them.

I keep bumping into friends I met at college and get to chat it up. Life moves so fast here. You can get to know some people super well and then the next week they're gone. Everyone exchanges emails and addresses and numbers though. The atmosphere in the classrooms can change so drastically. From laughing and being offtask to still air with tears. It really is an array of emotions and experiences here at the Missionary Training Center. The best moments are every tuesday we get to simulate what we do in the field, which is contacting and then teaching an investigator. This week I dominated the lesson. It was such a powerful experience and I'm so excited to get to Argentina and crack down on it all day long. I can't wait to see the light I can bring to the lives of others and to see them smile at their lives. I know this work is good and I will strive to keep it so.
Thanks for those who read this.

Elder Trevor Jones

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