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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 4 or 5?

This one will probably be short. I had to type a letter for a friend who just left for the Dominican Republic MTC and I typed his letter to him. Well bascaiiy lthe routine is all the same. Study study study eat study eat study study eat sleep. But something super crazy. For the third week in a row, an apostle came to the MTc to talk during Tuesday's Devotional. M. Russell Ballard came and gave everyone a great talk on communicating. In latest news a member of my already diminishing district got moved to a more advanced spanish class. So my class (or district) consists of five people now. It's pretty silly. Also my zone is shrinking weekly. I'm having such a blast and learning so much. I got a new teacher which made me sad to see the old one leave but this new teacher is a stud. I'm getting along so well with my companions. I also managed to get them eat outside a few times, which is DA BOMB. The weather is so beautiful and the MTC is right near some awesome mountains with snow all along the peaks. I played soccer last monday night and I dominated ahaha! It was crazy fun. I started gaining a few pounds from the unlimited food so I started going back to what I normally ate before I came here and started running at the beginning of every gym period so now I'm getting back down to my normal weight. Basically theres candy and garbage food EVERYWHERE. Every missionary in the building gets packages and goodies from home and we're all sick of it so we just give it away but it's funny because they don't stop coming. Spanish is progressing along just fine. Next week I start teach full on lessons in Spanish. I actually found out some new missionaries that came in a couple weeks ago, a couple were going to Spain Maliga. Makes me think that Steven might actually be put in my zone either right before or right as I leave. I hope I get to see him for a few days. There's lots of people here who went to Argentina so I get to hear all about it and I get super excited whenever I learn something new. Well time is ticking and I can't think of what else to say. But basically I'm half way done and I leave for Argentina in a month! Thank you al for reading this and supporting me! Til' next week.

-Elder Trevor Jones

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