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Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 5 or 6?

There really isn't much left to talk about. Yesterday was my first time teaching a full lesson in Spanish. We flopped a bit but we are constantly told, the gift of tongues doesn't come if you don't struggle in the language. Another district from my zone (hallway basically) is leaving next week and we don't get a new one, so our zone is shrinking a ton. The weather is finally getting cold and it snows frequently, but not a lot of sticking yet. I got the newsletter from the ward and I loved reading about everyone else! It's so cool how we can all get word from each missionary from the ward! You are definitely the best ward ever (and not just because the ward missionaries say so). They started decorating the MTC with Xmas stuff. Only other highlight is that for the fourth week in a row, we got an Apostle to speak to us. This week is was Elder Bednar. He gave a great talk about The Answer is the Doctrine. And for whoever reads this that is coming to the MTC later. When you get in your rooms, check all your fixtures, vents, and any kind of compartments in your room. The previous tenants always leave stuff like toys and ties and candy and cool stuff like that. We had a scavenger party our first night and found so much. Well that's it for now.

Til next week
-Elder Jones


  1. I am loving reading you letters and seeing the MTC through your eyes, Trevor. What a great experience to be taught by so many apostles. You are building upon the rock!

  2. Elder Jones! Loved reading your letters. Just sent you one via Keep up the good work and the positive attitude. You inspire us!
    Take care, Bishop Dunn