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Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 7?

Well I don't have much to say. But exciting news! I got my Travel Plans! Heres the game plan:

Depart from SLC on Dec 6 at 12:00pm.
Arrive at Atlanta GA international around 5:30 pm.
Depart from Atlanta at 7:30pm to Buenos Aires.
Arrive at Buenos Aires 7:30 am (12 hour flight haha).

Here's a kicker.

January 17: fly from Buenos Aires to Miami, Flordia.
No idea why, but most likely to pick up my Visa.


To answer some questions from Sister Hokanson:

My favorite thing to eat is definitely breakfast. Eggs are good even if they're fake (liquid stuff). The ham is awesome. There's ice cream bars. Lunch I like wraps (which is basically a subway with tortillas). All kinds of cereal as much as you want. During PE I usually play volleyball. I play spiking positions :) I learned so many things from the Devotionals. When all the Apostles came to talk to us, they ALL said before their talks, to right down in our study journals our THOUGHTS and FEELINGS of their talks, not actual notes on what they say. Which I found interesting. I leave in less than two weeks and can't wait!! Steven will more than likely be in my zone! Like a 90% chance! Next Wednesday will be my last guarenteed email to this blog and I have no idea how much time or when I can do it in the field. Thanks for reading and until then!

Elder Jones

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