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Sunday, January 30, 2011

So hot!

Well I need to make this one fast because I only have four pesos on me now and time costs money (on the computer)! Ahhh! Anyway there wasn´t a whole lot of excitement this week. The best was on monday for P day I got to play some legit soccer with a bunch of latinos. I actually did really good which was awesome. We got super crazy at some times and laughed a ton and had an amazing time. Afterwards we went to the small house/pention where another companionship are staying and had a barbeque! The meat here is so much better than the states! Probably because none of it is fake haha. It was amazing after just throwing it on a grill behind the house. All of our things are super cheap and poor. There wasn´t a grill, just a patch of dirt with a rack. We had to buy the wood and the charcoal and start the fire and just roast the meet behind the house in this sort of court area. Then we made a common potato salad here with potatoes, eggs, mayonaise, and onions. It was so delicious.
It´s amazing at how much I´m actually learning about other cultures here, moreso than the culture of Argentina where I´m actually living. One of the Elders during the barbeque is from Hawaii. We spent a ton of the time sharing jokes and talking. I got to learn a lot about the Hawaiin culture from him. Also that all their jokes involve a Hawaiin (who´s always a stud), a Japanese, and a Portuge ( apparently they always make fun of the Portugese). Also my companion is from Columbia and I talk a lot with another Elder from Chile. So I´m really learning a lot about several cultures. It´s really cool.
These past few days have been ridiculous. Everyone who has sent me letters here always say how cold it is and they can´t wait for the sun to return. I sure can! The average humidity here is always 60% - 99%. It´s always an inferno in the summer! Tuesday was ridiculous, with 108 F and 99% humidity! And ya, it did rain and it didn´t get any colder. I never saw so many beads of sweat on a person´s forehead before. Looking at my companion´s face, it was like trying to count the rocks in a mound of gravel. But that´s the mission life. I hear winter is just as crazy. That the humidity makes you feel cold no matter how many layers of clothes you have on. Haha bring it on!
We also kicked but with our work these past couple days. Visited a ton of people and shared a lot of lessons and spiritual thoughts. I love days like this when we accomplish so much! Well time to jet. Oh and this post is on Thursday because the internet died last monday so I couldn´t email. Thanks for reading!
-Elder Trevor Jones

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