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Monday, January 31, 2011

Zone Conference

I heard about Steven´s reassignment to Alabama. I´m glad he´s finally getting out of the MTC haha. This week my companion and I worked hard. It felt wonderful. Our mission has a goal for this transfer (6 weeks) to get 200 baptisms. Last year at this time they got 195. Now that I´m here 200 will be nothing! January, February, and March are, for some reason, the highest baptizing months here. Probably because here those months are during summer.

Tomorrow I have my first zone conference. Basically we go to the mission offices and stay there for almost the whole day and listen to talks from the mission President and his assistants etc. We all also have to prepare a talk in our opposite language (english for the latinos) and we will be randomly chosen to speak in front of everyone. I don´t remember if I mentioned this but It´s pretty sweet that in the missions in spanish countries, the missionaries that already speak spanish learn english. I thought that was really cool. My companion knows a good ammount. He studied a little before the mission because he someday wants to go to the USA and study at BYU. I love helping the latinos with their english when they ask me. It´s one of the few things I feel like I can teach well.

Well I finally got sick. Saturday was the hardest day I´ve had yet, health wise. Sometime the past week I ate something bad and threw up Saturday morning. The rest of the day I was able to work with my companion but I felt like if I ate anything I wouldn´t be able to keep it in my stomache. I felt fine Sunday fortunately. Today I played some ping pong with the other missionaries. We just ate pizza and came to do our emails. Nothing else too exciting really. Tomorrow should be interesting and long.

Thanks for reading and giving me your support everyone!
-Elder Trevor Jones

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