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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Tio is Here

SO I had a pretty interesting week. Thursday I had divisions with the Leaders of our Zone. I went to another place called Parque Leloir for a day and got to work with a missionary from Peru. He´s a stud, hence he´s a leader. Saturday we had a baptism for a man named Jose. There were two baptisms scheduled for that day. Jose´s, and the baptism for the Stake President´s son. But the President told us he wanted them separate because they organized his son´s more for him... So we had to try to set up Jose´s baptism the day before. I was dead nervous that no one would show up for Jose. We had Jose´s at 5:30 and the son´s at 6:30. All in all around 15 people showed up for Jose´s and a million people with tons of decorations and food for the after party for the son. We were a bit peeved because it wasn´t really fair for Jose. BUT, I know that the baptism of Jose was way better because it was so humble and spiritual and it changed his life for ever. My prayers to have an amazing baptism for Jose had been answered!
So some exciting news in the mission here: This mission has had a grand goal to get 200 baptisms in one transfer period ( 6 weeks ) for some odd years now. January and February are basically summer here with the most vacations and always the best times for the number of baptisms. So this last transfer we really stressed on our work to try to reach our goal. And we just had the announcement a couple hours ago that we had 201 baptisms this transfer! We all exploded when we heard it. They even made T shirts, which was pretty funny. On top of that! Today my trainer was being transferred to a new area, and I was going to receive my second companion. We have nick names for relationships between companions here, for example trainers are Dad´s. The next companion after your Dad is your Uncle. So I just got my uncle. It´s always tough when you start out with your tio (uncle in Spanish) because you know the area and he doesn´t so you have to do the planning and everything even thought you can´t really speak or have much experience. So this is a definitely a new opportunity to push myself! My tio is from Missouri and he has a really patient, lax attitude about him. Which is exactly what I need because trying to figure out how to run the area is going to be hectic. It´s also like a new step in my mission because a lot of the elders I got to know in my zone left for other areas and new ones are coming. I have either one or two more transfers left here then I get to move to a new one too!
But for now the work continues! Thanks for all your support and encouragement! I´m still alive and walking each day with my eyes wide open to help people!
Elder Trevor Jones

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