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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Same Old Same Old

I´ve had a few enlightening experiences here. The whole purpose of serving a mission is to help people. We believe that the greatest help and blessing we can give to people is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with all of the promised blessings it brings to families and the lives of people. That is essentially our purpose. I´ve finally been starting to see the change our efforts have been making.

There´s a man around thirty six years old who feels he has a problem with his heart. The doctors tell him he doesn´t have anything but he says he feels his heart beating slower than normal at times and he feels he is in mortal danger. He´s in a state of depression because he fears for his life. We constantly visit this man and we know the best way to help him help himself is to give him hope and get him out of his sorrowful state. The mind is such a powerful factor to help us when we´re sick and he won´t get better if he never thinks he will be. After several lessons and visits I finally started to see a spark in this man´s eyes. He laughs more, he smiles more, every time we come he says he´s a little better. I finally started to see it. He is really interested in our church because he doesn´t like his past experiences with his former ones but he keeps having doubts about the differences. We know we can bring joy and hope to his life. The same happened with another man who had many trials lately with his family, his job, basically all his life. We were able to show him a video about perserverence (Mormon messages from Elder Holland) and he started to cry and change everything about himself. This work is true. The blessings it brings are true.
I´ve had so many experiences like that and I can´t wait to be more apart of them by learning the language and growing in my knowledge!

Of course today we played some more ping pong. I actually threw out my back bending down to pick up the ping pong. I´m a little worried because I´ve never had a problem like that before. But our mission president told me exactly what to do and I already feel better. I only have one more week left with my trainer and then I get someone new! I´m excited to see who it´s going to be!

That´s about all I´ll talk about this time. The rest of the week is generally the same. Til next time

Elder Trevor Jones

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