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Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Sorry ya last week there wasnt a lot of things to write about and I didnt really have time either. So I didnt make a blog post. But lots of things just happened this week so here is my blog post this week!
Well I offically am finished with my tio (uncle, or second companion). I left my first area of Moron Uno and am now in whats called Caseros Uno. Basically theres less city but its really really rich. All the homes are gorgeous and theres lots of trees in the streets and its beautiful! Theres a ton of Italian influence here. My new companion is named Elder Cavaras and hes from Peru. He just showed me some pictures from home and it makes me want to visit Peru someday. Im pretty sure I want to visit all of South America one day now... And basically all the countries in the world haha. So this last week was my finally week in my first area and it was nuts! Our goal as a mission this last transfer was to get 200 baptisms again. Everyone is always frantic the last week.
We had miracles happen with one of our investigators named Ana. She had been investigating for a few months and has a huge love for Christ. The time eventually came to help guide her for her baptism. Lots of times she wasnt sure but we helped her come to have the desire to be baptised. The finally moments there were lots of little mishaps trying to prevent her, mostly her son (who{s really catholic) indicating he doesnt want her getting baptised in our church. We got some help from our Bishop and Mission President to help Ana with her doubts and the things preventing her to do what she wants. Finally during some interviews the Presidents Counselor (the prez was sick and couldnt do it himself) and the Bishop said she needed a bigger testimony and that she wasnt ready. Then we asked our President for adivce and he suggested maybe give her a little break and let her rest from all this craziness. So we went just last friday night to tell her were giving her a break but at the end of the lesson the Spirit prompted us to ask her if she would baptize herself tomorrow! She said yes! Then she remembered she had some writers party or something and we said she could do it sunday, no problem.
It went off without a hitch! Just tons of stress. Its so stressful planning baptisms one day beforehand. But we got it all to work out and Ana was baptised yesterday! After that I felt really content with what I had left my first area. After the baptism we spent Sunday visiting all the families and investigators I grew the know and love during my four months in Moron. I got pictures with them all and we shared ways how we can stay in touch. It was a sad experience leaving them all but now Im off to continue this work! Im ready to start fresh and destroy this new place!
My spanish has become so much better. I can understand and speak freely now. Sometimes I lack a word here or there but I can talk to the majority of people. What a nice feeling. Haha but it also means I have to know more of what Im doing without an excuse. Eww so Im in a new internet place in my new area and it looks like they let them smoke in here.... Gross. Ive probably inhaled more smoke and disgusting smells here than in my entire life. Another common thing here that stinks is they like to burn their garbage in the streets or on the sides. There seems to be a lot of english influence. They learn english in the schools but its British English. They also eat lots of their food with small spoons and sip out of soda bottles with straws. Fruits are more of a dessert here than a snack. Generally theyll eat fruits by slicing them with a knife and stabbing it then putting it in their mouth. They really just bite out of it in their hands. Maybe its to look more mannered. I kind of like it because its less messy.
I just had another transfer meeting. I was able to see one of my former companions from the MTC (missionary training center) in Utah. He was sick for a long time and hes going somewhere new like me. Oh and we also learned we broke our baptism record for the transfer and got 208 baptisms! Nothing short of miracles for all the missionaries in this obra marvillosa. Thanks all of you for keeping up with my endeavors and reading this. Im really grateful for all your support and letters. Til next week
Elder Trevor Jones

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