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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here We Go!

Well another week. We havent really had a whole lot of progress. We keep focusing all of our time with a few good people instead of searching for others. Its pretty mind boggling. I think I finally hit one of the parts in every missionaris life with a difficult companion. Its not that hes dificult, he just doesnt really want to work or be obedient. Hes a super good missionary and a brilliant teacher but we waste a ton of time I believe with a couple people when we should try to find others that are ready.
On the upside we do have a ton of super good people that are ready. Theyre just all lazy about going to church. Which means they dont see the importance. Which means we need to show them! Its really hard teaching this couple in the house of one of their friends who is a member because theres always tons of distractions that are unavoidable. They dont really want us in their house too much either. Im sure theyll get in the water one way or another. Basically the whole week is just feels like a filler to see if theyll come to church or not. Of course they all say they wll and they never do. Im not too worried about it thought. Theyre all wonderful people and they already know the Gospel is True. They just need to be punked into that last step, like from the talk by President Uchtdorf this last conference with the people who wont take that last step into the baptismal font.
So some differences Im going to point out between my last apartment and this one. Theres only 5 minutes of hot water here. Pretty much the worst thing I could imagine. The members always give us food so it wont be harder to find something to snack on. Its starting to get cold so its really hard to get out of bed in the morning. GAH! The kitchen and bathroom are nice but super gross because no one ever cleans their things. I did have the opportunity this week to paint a house. I almost managed to last the whole time without getting any paint on my clothes. It turned into a paint war with my companion and our investigator. Every single faucet or pipe in our apartment leaks and we cant stop it haha. We live in an apartment on the 4th story in a 6 story complex and the view is awesome. My last area there was a laundry place half a block where we always took our laundry. Here its 10 blocks away and my companion just does his own laundry in the kitchen and theres clothes lines on the roof of the complex for everyone. I might try that to save money.
Most of the architecture here is rich French style. Everything is custom and really pretty. The streets are coble and theres no such thing as asfalt. There isnt a street in my area that isnt absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes we walk by people speaking Italian. Lots of decendants and people from Italy here. Basically every one we talk to had parents from Italy. Theres a lot of vendors on the sidewalks selling clothes, toys, food, everything. We helped out a lesser active member with is home job of making Purses for a client. For every purse they make they earn 71 pesos and the purses sell for over 800... I guess theres exploitation here too.
Well for now Im just getting to know the area and the members and investigators. Last P Day we went to a big shopping center called Coto. Its like Walmart but with like a mini mall inside too. Theres also like a game zone with bowling and pool. Theres a branch of superstore centers here like Walmart called Carrefour. We have two in our area and they have everything.
Thats about all I have to say for now. Til the next post.
Elder Trevor Jones

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